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Are Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Teaming Up?



Millions watched last summer as Kamala Harris confronted Joe Biden over his record on busing and segregation, landing one of the first major blows to the frontrunner. “That little girl was me,” Harris said in a memorable debate exchange that left Biden flailing before simply giving up. “I agree that everybody wants the—anyway, my time is up,” he said. “I’m sorry.”

It was a defining moment for both candidates’ campaigns. Harris, who has since dropped out, was briefly propelled to the top of the Democratic field. For Biden, the clash highlighted concerns among both progressives and moderates over the record he’s accumulated after decades in Washington and his ability to throw down with Donald Trump on a general election debate stage.

But now, according to the New York Times, Harris is considering endorsing her former primary rival after President Trump’s impeachment trial, a move which could boost Biden’s campaign at a critical moment in the 2020 race. Harris signaled on Friday that she’s not quite ready to endorse, telling SiriusXM that she has “not made any decision” and remains focused on impeachment.

If Harris does back Biden, both sides may benefit: He’d gain a high-profile campaign surrogate with slightly more credibility in progressive circles, while she’d presumably have a better chance of joining his ticket if he wins the nomination. After Harris left the race last month, Biden said he’d consider her for his running mate. “Of course I would,” he said, noting that she could “be anything she wants to be.” “She’s solid,” he told reporters. Friends before becoming primary rivals, the two have appeared to rebuild their relationship in recent weeks. They had a long conversation following Harris’s December exit, as the Times noted, and have remained in contact since. Harris would almost certainly be on a shortlist of candidates for running mate in a party not exactly enthusiastic about anointing another septuagenarian white guy as the nominee. An endorsement from Harris might not resolve the issues she exposed when she eviscerated him in June, but it could certainly help.

Still, Harris isn’t beloved by many progressives, thanks to her heavily scrutinized record as a prosecutor in California. In selecting Harris or Amy Klobuchar as his running mate, Biden may extend his reach a little, but probably wouldn’t do much to draw in supporters of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren the way, say, a long-rumored run with Georgia progressive Stacey Abrams would. (Abrams has shot down the speculation: “You don’t run for second place,” she said this summer). Harris also has to consider her political future beyond the 2020 race. Citing Democratic officials familiar with her thinking, the Times noted that she is “mindful that two of her female colleagues…were still in the race” and is “uneasy about the prospect of backing a candidate only to see him or her lose California.” Aligning herself with Biden could also hurt her standing among skeptical progressives, though the risk may be worth it. “She’s going to have a lot of people allied with her,” California political consultant Bill Carrick told the Times, “who will be for Joe.”

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Lil Nas X Crashes a Wedding and Surprises Kids at Disney World



Leon Bennett/Getty Images

It’s a small world after all…

Lil Nas X had himself quite the busy day at Walt Disney World on Saturday, and we’re not talking about ride-hopping. Guests at a wedding at the Florida theme part and resort were shocked when the bride walked into her own reception while being escorted by the rapper.

Wearing a white printed sweatsuit and matching cowboy hat, the 20-year-old rapper jogged playfully with her into the small-sized hall’s dance floor as his hit “Old Town Road” was played. Partygoers cheered, while one exclaimed excitedly, “What the f–k is happening right now?”

“Just crashed a wedding at disney world,” Nas wrote on Twitter, alongside a video.

The married couple was not identified.

Earlier on Saturday, Nas surprised kids at a dinner and dance party by Bert’s Big Adventure, a charity that provides free trips to Walt Disney World for children dealing with chronic and terminal illnesses. He performed “Old Town Road” for them and chatted with them as they wore cowboy hats to match his.

“He gave us all signed cowboy hats and now we get to sign HIS hat!!!” read a tweet by the group.

Also that day, Nas shared on his Instagram Story videos of him at what appeared to be Disney World’s Polynesian Village Resort, hanging out with a Lilo character actor.

Nas joins a growing list of celebs who have crashed weddings. See them below:

Lil Nas X, Wedding Crasher, Twitter

Twitter / Lil Nas X

David Foster, Katharine McPhee

 Tag Cast Crash Miami Wedding

Magic Mirror Miami

Orange Is the New Black, Wedding, Crashers, Lea DeLaria


Tom Hanks, Wedding Crasher

Instagram: Tom Hanks

Katy Perry, wedding crasher

Courtesy Ray Prop Photography

Amy Schumer, Jasmin Pereira, Jon Bates

Christine Wehrmeier/REX/Shutterstock

Ed Sheeran


Taylor Swift, wedding


Beyonce, Jay Z


Maroon 5, Wedding Crashers


John Travolta, Wedding


Serena Williams, Instagram


Zach Braff, Photobomb

Sascha Reinking

Robert Pattinson, Wedding Crasher


Kristen Stewart, Wedding Crashers

Instagram/@colpitts, #djkchedda

Justin Timberlake, Wedding

Courtesy of Kimmy Coleman

Matt LeBlanc


Justin Bieber, Wedding Crasher


Macklemore, Wedding Crasher

Macklemore / Snapchat

The events took place the same day as the 2020 NAACP Image Awards in Pasadena, California, where Nas won Outstanding New Artist.

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Dwyane Wade Talks Miscarriages With Gabrielle Union & Journey To Baby – Hollywood Life



Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union reveal the struggles of their journey to baby in his new ESPN documentary, ‘Life Unexpected.’ The NBA star revealed that he and Gabrielle’s doctors feared for her life before they turned to surrogacy.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union explored every option they could to have a child after the actress, 47, discovered that she couldn’t get pregnant naturally. But, as their journey to baby got longer and more experimental, Dwyane, 38, grew more concerned about his wife’s health. Once they reached a certain point in their attempts to bring a child into the world, doctors informed the couple that if they continued with certain approaches and treatments, Gabrielle would be at risk of death.

“I’m watching my wife go through a lot physically,” Dwyane said during the February 23 premiere of his new ESPN documentary, Life Unexpected. — A chronicle of his NBA career with a candid look at his personal life. ‘You’re sitting in with the doctors and they’re like, ‘You can do this and that, but the risk of you surviving.’ — It became a point where I was like, ‘Oh wait, now I might lose you in this process,’” he said of their pregnancy journey, which included many failed IVF cycles.

When the process took a risky turn, Dwyane realized, “There’s not only one way to have your family.” That’s when he and Gabrielle decided to take a different path to expand their family. “We started having conversations and we were like, ‘What are the other options — and the other became surrogacy,’” he said.

Despite committing to going through with a surrogate, Gabrielle was still trying to process thought of another woman giving birth to her child.

“My immediate thing was, even if I go through with a surrogate was, I don’t get to be a ‘real mom,’” she admitted in air quotes. “It just took a long time to just be like, ‘Let’s go for it, let’s try.’”

Dwyane and Gabrielle eventually welcomed a baby girl, via surrogate on November 7, 2018, named Kaavia James Wade. She is the first child for Gabrielle and Dwyane’s fourth. The Miami Heat legend, whose No. 3 jersey was retired by the team on February 22, has three other children from previous relationships.

“11/7 will forever be etched in our hearts as the most loveliest of all the lovely days,” Gabrielle wrote in the couple’s official birth announcement on Instagram at the time. “Welcome to the party sweet girl!”

Before Kaavia, Gabrielle had eight or nine miscarriages, she first revealed in her 2017 book, We’re Going to Need More Wine. 

In Life Unexpected, the LA’s Finest actress went into further detail. “When Dwyane and I started trying, we were so excited,” she said, admitting, “So there were a ton of pregnancies and positive test results, and then poof. Usually around the 6-8 week mark — gone. Obviously, I knew it was not him and it literally just stayed like that for years. I just almost started expecting defeat,” Gabrielle said.

Now, the Wades are navigating life as one big family while living in their own truths and celebrating positivity. Dwyane recently introduced his 12-year-old daughter Zaya, who is transgender, to the world. Zaya, originally born Zion, approached Dwyane and Gabrielle and said she wants to be addressed using female pronouns. She later gave her father permission to speak out about her story as he and Gabrielle continue to educate themselves while fully supporting her.


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Delivery driver gets a double dose of karma on a devastating scale (8 GIFs)




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