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Hong Kong protesters clash with riot police



Thousands of protesters swarmed the Hong Kong airport for a second day.

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  1. Pete He

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    You protestor are traitors to your own race. Chinese.

    You flow Chinese blood you look like chinese and you are Chinese. But you become traitor of your own identity.

    Carrying British and American flags seriously, if you goto America or British, you are still Chinese not American or British and they wont see you to be one.

    Dont you feel ashamed for being a traitor of your own race?? British taken chinese lands by force and you people seems to forget that, instead you worship them for making you their slaves and want to be their puppets.

    I advise is for you traitors to leave china and go to and continue to be slaves to Britain.. just leave and stop destorying hong Kong and China.

  2. adviser to the Gods

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Xi is a complete failure as he continues to crap on the Chinese people. Hong Kong (failed), economy (failed), trade talks (failed), Taiwan (failed). Time for the PLA to intervene and either send Xi off to a re-education camp, or assassinate him. The Chinese people deserve better.

  3. W Ya

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    trump is so weak and soft

  4. ener3

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Keep the fight, the people of Hong Kong. Don't ever accept fascism.

  5. JL Penn

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    hk police is weak. if in US, those idots got shot already.

  6. Trina Love

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    United not divided. You are not alone Hong Kong. God bless you all. WWG1WGA😊🙏😊

  7. Asteroid Kingdom

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Criminals should go where criminals belong: prison.
    When the prisons in Hong Kong get full and I am sure they will soon, send these rioters (disguised as democracy supporters) to some maximum-security prisons inside China, not as extradition but on the basis of borrowing incarceration spaces from China. I have a good feeling that the fellow prisoners in China will offer special treatment to these HK rioters, When this becomes the norm, I guarantee that the number of rioters in the future in HK will be much decreased.

  8. 刘雍江

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    The United States wants to establish an intelligence department in Hong Kong. The Chinese government is preparing to eliminate this sector. The United States will launch a color campaign in China to encourage young people to riot. In America ,they all already died

  9. Dr. Tyrannosaur

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Chinese troops should be in Hong Kong before long. To "restore order"
    This is the next Crimea unfolding right now

  10. Alex Stewart

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Clearly nobody at Fox asked anyone what the protest was about

  11. HMS Daedalus

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    I truly can't stand mainstream media, this is so ridiculous for ''reporting''.
    It's made for the dumb Boomers.

  12. Z

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    I do not understand why HK police is so useless, NYPD please help them.

  13. zhe y

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    fake news

  14. PattyCakesahoy

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Americans are pretty hypocritical, you guys should storm Area 51 or your local police station and tell us what happens?

  15. Eisha He

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    These 'demonstrators' assaulted two Mainland citizens today. One was beaten to unconciousness. the 'demonstrators' even blocked the ambulance. This is MUDER! They ARE f'cking TERRORISTS!

  16. Greene

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    So why doesn't the police get a warrant to get in airport, and why the government can't get in to get rid of troublemakers. Since there are still passengers inside, for their safety?

  17. George Cai

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    The police is actually the most violent and wild side, the police were beating those women and unarmed protesters and innocent citizens on HK street

  18. Dave Andrew

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Lol at the bunch of Chinese bot comments.

  19. I O

    14.08.2019 at 00:27


  20. david bates

    14.08.2019 at 00:27


  21. Jatin K Raina

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Help them USA !!

  22. Vicky L

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    I love China, love Hong Kong.We should disapprove of violence.

  23. chen li

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    If the protestors enter New York Airport and occupy the whole airport! What will the United States do?

  24. BOYCOTT Chinese products!!!

  25. BOYCOTT Chinese products!!!

  26. Soldier American

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    5 day protest in Hong Kong coverage, BUT none of the 10 MONTH France protest?? WHY?

  27. Robert Lea

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    who wants to help me rase some money to send guns to the protesters??

  28. lmz

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    why is Fox Business not showing the rioter attacking the police?

  29. X Ray

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Fock China!!!!

  30. DaNNy Wu

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    When China sends in the army then they won’t be so serious

  31. Leonardo Parra

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    We all could learn a lot from the Hong Kongese people! They ain’t loosing nor compromising their freedoms without a fight.

  32. Van Boy

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    American protesters could learn from this. Remember blocking your airports and subways when u wanna do protesting next time.

  33. Fang Haoran

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    usa flag wow

  34. morefaiththanever D.l

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    If only mainland China could see the news!

  35. Anthony Carlson

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    It’s a good change for Hong Kong they don’t want to be subjected to communism’s totalitarian rule, they can and should revolt as we Americans did to the British. The fact is they have one of the largest economies in the world in their little corner, China has vast cities that land waste empty shells of buildings we should support them in this time. Revolution civil war how ever you choose to define it, these young people don’t want to be apart of the Chinese rule anymore than they are now.

  36. durid dao

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    Apparently they hide the news about the journalist who was tortured by these riots in the airport today! What a disgusting channel!

  37. 1234smileface

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    The flights are coming, just not going out. Fox, get your facts right

  38. Strofi Kornego

    14.08.2019 at 00:27

    China owes U.K. 39 billion £

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গোল বন্যার ম্যাচে দারুণ এক জয় তুলে নিয়েছে ঢাকা আবাহনী। এএফসি কাপের ইন্টার জোনাল সেমিফাইনালের প্রথম লেগে উত্তর কোরিয়ার ক্লাব এপ্রিল টুয়েন্টি ফাইভকে ৪-৩ গোলে হারিয়েছে ঢাকার জায়ান্টরা। আকাশী নীলদের হয়ে জোড়া গোল করেছেন সানডে চিজোবা। ম্যাচের ৩৩ মিনিটে ডিবক্সের বাইরে থেকে জীবনের ব্যাকহিলে দৃষ্টিনন্দন এক গোল করেন সোহেল রানা। ২ মিনিটের ব্যবধানে ঠিক একই রকম গোলে সমতায় ফেরে এপ্রিল টুয়েন্টি ফাইভ। এর ২ মিনিট পর জীবনের নৈপুনে ২-১ গোলে এগিয়ে থেকে বিরতিতে যায় আবাহনী। দ্বিতীয়ার্ধ গোল হয়েছে আরো ৪টা। উত্তর কোরিয়ার ক্লাবটা সমতায় ফিরলেও জোড়া গোল করে বাংলাদেশকে এগিয়ে নেন সানডে চিজোবা।

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৫০ নাটক ১৫ বিজ্ঞাপন নিয়ে ক্ষুদে অভিনেতা শরিফুল

একাত্তরে শাকিব খান ও বুবলি, বললেন অনেক অজানা কথা । Aug 23, 2018

হবু স্বামী সম্পর্কে একাত্তরকে জানালেন মডেল সানাই | Feb 26, 2019

ছারপোকা, মশা আর ঝড়-বাদলের সাথে গণরুমে ঢাবি শিক্ষার্থীরা | March 9, 2019

সুলতান মনসুর বললেন বঙ্গবন্ধুর সোনার বাংলা গড়বে ঐক্যফ্রন্ট

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Modi begins 3-nation trip, says engagements will strengthen relations with time-tested friends




Ahead of his visit to France, the UAE and Bahrain, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the engagements will strengthen India’s relations with time-tested friends and help explore new areas of cooperation. Modi will visit the three countries from August 22 to 26. He will reach France on Thursday.

In his departure statement, the Prime Minister said his visit to France reflects the strong strategic partnership which the two countries deeply value and share.

From August 22-23, he will have bilateral meetings in France, including a summit interaction with President Emmanuel Macron and a meeting with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

Modi will also interact with the Indian community and dedicate a memorial to the Indian victims of the two Air India crashes in France in the 1950s and 1960s.

Later, from August 25-26, he will participate in the G7 Summit meetings as Biarritz Partner at the invitation of President Macron in the sessions on Environment, Climate, Oceans and on Digital Transformation.

“India and France have excellent bilateral ties, which are reinforced by a shared vision to cooperate for further enhancing peace and prosperity for our two countries and the world at large,” the Prime Minister said.

He said the strong strategic and economic partnership is complemented by a shared perspective on major global concerns such as terrorism and climate change.

“I am confident that this visit will further promote our long-standing and valued friendship with France for mutual prosperity, peace and progress,” Modi said.

During the visit to the United Arab Emirates from August 23-24, the prime minister said he looks forward to discuss with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan the entire gamut of bilateral relations and regional and international issues of mutual interest.

Modi said he also looks forward to jointly release the stamp to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi along with the Crown Prince.

“It will be an honour to receive the ‘Order of Zayed’, the highest civilian decoration conferred by the UAE government, during this visit. I will also formally launch RuPay card to expand the network of cashless transactions abroad,” the Prime Minister said in the statement.

Frequent high-level interactions between India and the UAE testify to our vibrant relations, he said. The UAE is the third-largest trade partner and fourth-largest exporter of crude oil for India, he said.

“The qualitative enhancement of these ties is among one of our foremost foreign policy achievements. The visit would further strengthen our multifaceted bilateral ties with the UAE,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister will be in Bahrain from August 24-25. This will be the first ever prime ministerial visit from India to the Kingdom.

“I look forward to discussing with Prime Minister Prince Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa the ways to further boost our bilateral relations and share views on regional and international issues of mutual interest,” Modi said.

The prime minister would also be meeting King of Bahrain Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and other leaders.

“I would also take the opportunity to interact with the Indian diaspora. I will be blessed to be present at the formal beginning of the re-development of the temple of Shreenathji – the oldest in the Gulf region — in the wake of the auspicious festival of Janmashtami. I am confident that this visit would further deepen our relationship across the sectors,” Modi said.

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