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Jason Wahler Admits to ”Another Slip” in His Sobriety



Jason Wahler continues to be open and honest about his journey with sobriety.

On this morning’s all-new Daily Pop, The Hills: New Beginnings star joined Dr. Drew Pinsky for a special edition of Therapy Thursday.

While discussing his battle with sobriety, Jason revealed to E! News’ Justin Sylvester and Melanie Bromley exclusively that he recently had “another slip.”

“Today I am doing phenomenal, but in an effort of honesty and transparency, since [appearing on Just the Sip] I had another slip,” Jason explained. “What keeps me going is the honesty, the transparency, and being vulnerable. By expressing vulnerability, it creates humility and lets people know they are not alone when this stuff does happen.”

Dr. Drew added, “Jason is an inspiration and miracle…I look at the slips as just learning opportunities for you. The problem is when people slip and just stay out or they start bs’ing and confiscating…This man remains my guiding light. And this is what people don’t understand. They say he’s not staying sober. No, this is a sober dude that is struggling with more and more tender issues as he gets deeper into his sobriety.”

Back in September 2019, Jason appeared on the E! digital series Just the Sip where he discussed a recent relapse. When speaking to Justin, the Celebrity Rehab alum said struggles with his body image triggered his poor decision making.

As for his most recent relapse, Jason says something similar happened.  

“It goes back to the body stuff and the insecurities. A lot of that is really where it stems from. At the age of 33, metabolism slows down and not being able to get back in shape and if I take this it will instantly cut off pounds and stuff like that,” he explained.

Dr Drew, who has a variety of shows focused on health, added, “What I hear is he’s getting into the more tender parts of himself and he’s more and more vulnerable and so the symptoms are emerging but it’s because he’s getting more real about who you are and what is going on.”

With the support of professionals and his wife Ashley Wahler, Jason is proud to say he is getting to a spot “where I am actually comfortable in my own skin.” The co-chair of The Red Songbird Foundation is also partnering with his wife on a new YouTube docu-series about their life titled JAWS of Addiction. It is scheduled to come out next month.

During today’s Daily Pop, Ashley also joined in on the conversation and explained why Jason’s recent relapse was unique.

“I think the reason why this was different is because my boundaries are getting stronger. It’s like a muscle I haven’t used ever before and now I am strong in that sense so instead of my boundaries moving with where wherever he goes, my boundaries are very firm,” she shared. “We were all supposed to go up to Northern California together as a family. It was during the holidays and I said, ‘You can’t go. You have to really work on yourself.’  And that was the first time I ever left him to sink in his stuff.”

Today, Jason and Ashley spend three hours a week on their relationship. And yes, they are more united than ever before.

“It’s phenomenal,” Jason explained to us. “Hard work does pay off.”

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