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Offset on his New Fashion Line, Dressing with Cardi, and Why Japanese Designers “Got the Way”



“Tie-dye is a wave right now,” Offset tells me in an airy Paris apartment, the sun beaming down through a skylight and onto him like a messianic spotlight. “Brown is also a wave right now.”

The Migos rapper should know: he and his bandmates, Quavo and Takeoff, are some of the most out-there dressers in hip hop, mixing colors, prints, and brands with ebullient tenacity.

Still, it’s a big leap to from wearing clothes masterfully to designing them. “Hell yeah, it was a big step,” Offset says. He comes by this knowledge earnestly: while Quavo and Takeoff were front row at every major show in Paris, Offset was racing to put the last minute touches on his collection within a collection for the debut of Laundered Works Corp., a new line by designer Chaz A. Jordan.

Offset had long had design ambitions. “I do a lot of our merch, and I don’t ever have a stylist that shops for me,” he says. “I get in a lot of arguments with stylists.” He met Jordan through Instagram, after following the latter’s streetwear line ih nom uh nit, and they, “ran into each other so many times” over the past three years that it was only natural to discuss designing together. “I like to work with people that I feel are on the same vibe as me,” Offset says, “and want to get the same mission done as me.” People who do “not quick work, but hard work…. A lot of people don’t know, there’s a lot of last minute little touches when you play that shit out.”

“It was a lot of last minute,” Jordan nods, alluding to the small details that brought the collection to the luxury expression they were working towards. “Like, 72-hour last minute.”

“But that’s how you get the best product.”

For Jordan, the idea behind Laundered Works was “if Celine had a men’s line,” noting that “this was before Celine men came out.” So, more specifically: “Taking elements of inspiration from Margiela and Christophe Decarnin, those original Balmain days, and really diving back into what Paris fashion used to be, circa 2010-2013. That was when I lived in Paris, and it was just a different vibe all together.”

Offset and Jordan spoke to GQ the day after their runway show about developing their line and their taste in fashion, what they plan to do next, and the attention-grabbing mesh suit that Cardi B wore to the show. The collection is available for preorder on the brand’s website starting Saturday.

Offset: 2013 was when I was dreaming to come to Paris Fashion Week. I was never able to make Fashion Week because I’ll always have some touring in between that. But we made it happen before I came out here for the runway debut. And I just knew I wanted to work with somebody that I could personally talk to, instead of having a thousand-person team. It takes the organic juice away from the project when you do it like that. Me and him chalking it up, arguing at the crib…

What would you guys argue about?

Offset: “Hell no, I don’t like this fabric!” “You have to do better than this!” “It’s too light,” “it’s too heavy.”

Jordan: It’s not, like, a serious argument.

Offset: It’s not serious. It’s just being creative, and when you get in a creative space, we’re straight up with each other: “Hell no, I don’t like this. This needs to be cut like this.” And if I come up with some wild ass idea, he’ll help me calm it down: “Listen bro, it’s wild. I’m telling you, that’s wild.”


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Chrissy Teigen Chugs Wine, Plays With Her Dog, & Gets Surprisingly Emotional In New Ellen Interview!



Who would you rather have on your side in a crisis? Chrissy Teigen or Ellen DeGeneres?

That’s the question we have to ask after Ellen’s return to daytime TV on Monday, in which she interviewed Chrissy in a video call where each spoke from quarantine in their own homes.

We have to say, the star of Chrissy’s Court would definitely be more fun! During the interview — for which she chose to remain in her house robe and nothing else — the supermodel momma drinks wine, plays with her dog, and gets surprisingly emotional.

Video: All The Fun Things You Can Watch On Quibi

Speaking about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, she laments:

“This is honestly unreal. Obviously, this is the most unreal situation ever, but of course we’re holding up fine. It’s just been an unreal, surreal experience for our family and everybody out there. So, yeah, it’s pretty crazy.”

Chrissy then opens up about a convo she had with Ellen’s producer Andy Lassner in which things got a little more emotional than they expected:

“Andy and I were talking yesterday, and we officially decided it was definitely getting to us a little bit. We became more emotional about it. It became very real. It was kind of a weird, it happened really fast… It’s fun to be light-hearted and make jokes and try to make people happy and laugh about it, but then it really hits you and you go through these ups and downs. What we’re going through right now is unprecedented, and it’s unreal.”

With hubby John Legend at her side, she also offers her hope for the future:

“If we can emerge from this just having this newfound love and respect for our fellow human, that would be such a beautiful, wonderful thing… Because I know when we’re able to be in contact with people again, I’m going to be so emotional and it’s going to be such a beautiful thing to be able to touch people’s hands when I laugh at what they’re saying, or touch their faces, or give my dad a hug. It’s gonna be a beautiful experience. So if we can at least come out of this and change a bit, I think that would be a really wonderful thing.”

See the whole interview (below):

As for Ellen? Well, she has something to share about the state of the world as well.

She begins her opening remarks by saying:

“I wanted to start doing my new show as soon as possible, because it’s really for people who are stuck at home, especially my staff and crew. I love them. I miss them, and the best thing I can do to support them is keep the show on the air.”

Awww! She also sort of reiterates her mission statement for he show — and why it’s more important now than ever!

“I’ve always wanted to have this show as a distraction, as a break from whatever’s going on out there that may be unpleasant. So, if you’re feeling down, I want to lift you up. If you’re feeling trapped, I want to set you free. If you feel like you’re going in the wrong direction, I want you to back that thing up.”

Ha! Good to have you back, Ellen!

Watch the inspiring words (below)!

[Image via Ellen/YouTube.]


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Loungewear, future holidays are key for fashion consumers browsing at home



Fashion, beauty and design search platform Stylight said that with a third of the world’s population under lockdown, search and e-purchasing behaviour is evolving. And in a sign of hope for both the fashion and beauty sectors, consumers are actively saving products to their wishlists, hopefully for future purchase once the lockdown is over.

Comfortable sweats, loungewear and swim are top clicked categories online at present – Frankies Bikinis

For instance, the company said that 27% more products have been saved on to wishlists in the last month in the US alone. 

As far as actual purchasing behaviour is concerned, consumers are focused on what they can wear at home or something that can present a distraction during the time spent indoors. 

Globally in the last two weeks, Stylight has seen more than 30% growth in clicks on home decor products as consumers seek ideas to brighten up the spaces in which they’re spending more time. 

And on the clothing front, they’re looking at loungewear. The company said that comfort is the big seasonal trend with clicks on hoodies rising 13% and sweatpants 26.5% over the last fortnight as lockdowns have proliferated. 

Interestingly as well, lingerie has seen a 55% increase in clicks in the last three weeks, suggesting ways consumers are spending their time at home. And underwear in general was the top clicked category in the US in the last month. 

With consumers also working out more often at home, activewear clicks have increased too, with leggings up 15% and sports bras up 29% in the past two weeks.

Beauty has seen increases too with nail polish clicks rising 25% and face masks 24% globally. 

It’s significant as well, that despite the postponement of many holiday plans and consumers’ inability to get out to go swimming, interest in swimwear remains at a high.

Stylight said it’s been seeing a consistent growth in swimwear clicks since the end of December and even during the current difficult time, its shoppers aren’t shying away from browsing and buying swim fashion. 

Clicks on 1980s-influenced high-leg styles have grown to 380 times higher than 2019. And animal/jungle print swimwear is also proving particularly popular with a tenfold rise in clicks. But pretty pastel shades are going down well too, also seeing a tenfold rise. And detail-wise, up strongly are bikinis and swimsuits featuring bows and anything with frills on it.

And as consumers try to get maximum value out of what they buy, as well as making swim-to-street looks ultra convenient, Stylight is seeing a183% increase in clicks on bikini tops that resemble an actual top, with either short, long or puffed sleeves. 

The top swim brands are BondEye, Luli-Fama, Vitamin A, Frankies Bikinis, Prana, Lovewave, and Montce Swim.

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Style Guide – Style Your 1 Palazzo In 5 Different Ways | Fashion Style || Krrish Sarkar



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Gray Embroidered Palazzo Pants

Yellow Denim Jacket

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