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Taylor Swift Bows Out of Unannounced Grammy Performance



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Taylor Swift has bowed out of a possible performance on the Grammy Awards program Sunday night just as stealthily as it appeared she might have bowed into it, multiple sources tell Variety.

Her possible appearance on the show had been kept a secret — albeit not an extremely well-kept secret —  so her exit won’t create the problems that would have occurred if one of the many performers that had been announced were to have taken their leave.

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Sources say that she was never formally confirmed for the show, though hopes were high that the show could nail down an appearance that was well along in talks.

Rehearsal schedules for the taping at Staples Center had included one “TBA” artist that was believed to have been reserved for Swift, possibly performing her most recent album’s feminist anthem, “The Man” … which could have taken on extra meaning, given the charges of sexism swirling around the Recording Academy.

It’s unconfirmed whether her quietly bowing out is directly related to the scandal involving the allegations flying back and forth between the Academy trustees and ousted CEO Deborah Dugan, though speculation that Swift might exit because of that was already rampant among insiders even before her MIA status was confirmed.

Swift attended the premiere of her “Miss Americana” documentary Thursday night at the Sundance Film Festival. Her planned flight out of Park City immediately after the premiere had further fueled speculation that the superstar was needed back in L.A. for the Grammys, before the Dugan situation blew up.

Some observers were surprised that Swift had been considering on the telecast in the first place. She is nominated in three categories this year, including song of the year for “Lover.” But her hit album of that same name had been expected to pick up more. The underwhelming number of top nominations for this most recent release as well as its predecessor, “Reputation,” after Swift had previously been a Grammy darling (winning album of the year for “1989” and “Fearless”) has been put down by some as the result of the committee system that Dugan has complained about neglecting a number of acclaimed, commercial hits in favor of more curious choices. But Swift has taken the high road before, and her appearance was expected to help promote “Miss Americana,” which comes out nationally Jan. 31, as well as an upcoming single. The Dugan imbroglio may have been the tipping point.

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E.L.F. takes over clean beauty brand W3ll People



As it looks to expand its portfolio, cruelty-free Californian cosmetics company E.L.F. Beauty has made its first strategic extension, acquiring Austin, Texas-based clean beauty brand W3ll People for $27 million in cash.

With its acquisition of W3ll People, E.L.F. hopes to make progress in the fast-growing clean beauty segment – Instagram: @w3llpeople

With the acquisition, E.L.F. intends to leverage its marketing, customer relations and operational capabilities to drive W3ll People’s development and make headway in the fast-growing clean beauty segment.
The newly acquired business is expected to be accretive in fiscal 2021, contributing around $7 million to E.L.F.’s revenue, as well as $0.01 to the company’s annual adjusted diluted earnings per share.

“Clean beauty is a strategically important segment given consumer sentiment and strong growth rates,” commented E.L.F. chairman and CEO Tarang Amin in a release. “W3ll People has a long history of expertise and credibility in clean beauty that works. Their brand values and market opportunity align closely with E.L.F. and we believe there are a number of synergies to be realized on both the cost and distribution fronts.”
Founded by James Walker, Shirley Pinkson and Dr. Renee Snyder in 2008, W3ll People’s cruelty-free, plant-based offering includes 40 products with EWG verification, a leading certification in the clean beauty sector.
The company’s complete product range is free from fillers, propylene glycol, petrochemicals and petroleum byproducts, and is stocked by national retail chains such as Target and Whole Foods, as well as specialty retailers including Credo Beauty and The Detox Market.
W3ll People products can also be purchased online through platforms such as Amazon and, as well as on the brand’s own e-commerce website.
For the third quarter ended December 31, 2019, E.L.F. reported revenues of $80.8 million and net income of $8.0 million, or $0.16 per diluted share, down from $9.7 million, or $0.20 per diluted share, in the prior-year period.
The company’s declining income reflected costs related to the closure of its entire brick-and-mortar network in February 2019, as well as increased spend on marketing and digital.

Amin, however, was optimistic about E.L.F.’s prospects moving forward, highlighting the success of its marketing and digital initiatives in driving brand awareness among younger consumers.

When reporting its results, the company also raised its full-year guidance and currently expects to report annual income of between $28 million and $30 million, or $0.55 to $0.59 per diluted share, on revenues in the range of $274 million to $277 million.

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Pete Davidson Gets Candid About Kaia Gerber Split & MORE Of His Famous Exes: ‘I Love Love’



Pete Davidson may seem like a serial dater, but he’s really just looking for love!

The Saturday Night Live star made that loud and clear in a new interview with Charlamagne Tha God, during which he opened up about his relationships with Kaia Gerber and a few other famous exes.

After noting that he and the 18-year-old model, whom he referred to as “KG,” had been “dating for a few months” before they broke up, the 26-year-old comedian explained why things didn’t work out between the two: apparently, it was just bad timing.

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He elaborated:

“She’s very young, and I’m f**ing going through a lot and it was before I went to rehab… It’s just like, she should be having fun. She shouldn’t have to worry about some dude that just has issues and s**t. She should be enjoying her work… It just wasn’t the right place or the right time at all.”

Especially not for Pete, who has confirmed he recently sought treatment at the Sierra Tucson treatment center in Arizona.

As we reported, the Staten Island native and Gerber were first linked in October, but fans speculated their relationship had cooled off by January after they hadn’t been seen together in weeks.

Despite their breakup, Pete — who has borderline personality disorder and previously sought treatment in 2016 —  had nothing but wonderful things to say about his ex, whom he described as “beautiful” and “smarter than [himself].” He also praised Kaia’s parents Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, adding:

“Her parents were really helpful and stuff, so they’re cool.”

Later in his interview with Charlamagne, the funny man admitted he can be “a lot” in relationships, sharing:

“I cry a lot. I get into deep conversations. I care about your s**t. I like to meet your family. I like to know who you are. And some families are like, ‘Who the f**k are you?’ So I’m a lot for certain people. It was just how I was raised.”

And while his recent relationships have suggested otherwise, Pete’s not exactly looking for a fling. He added:

“I love love. That’s how I grew up. Just my mom, my sister, I didn’t have a man around the house, so I was just like, ‘When am I going to find my Princess Charming?’ That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”


Under all those tattoos and cynical jokes, Pete’s just a big softy. Not only is he hoping to find a woman to share the rest of his life with, the actor — whose father died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks — said he hopes to become a dad one day and has even considered adoption!

He explained:

“I just want to have a kid. I want to be there for something or do something that I didn’t have growing up. That’s my biggest thing.”

But first, he’s going to take a break from the dating scene and focus on himself. The performer noted:

“I’m not dating for a while. Unless I meet the love of my life. I’m pretty done with that, I’m going to try and stay away from that. It’s just a lot.”

Dating takes up a lot of BDE, that’s for sure!

While he hasn’t found the love of his life just yet, Pete said he’s learned a lot from his past romances:

“I think you grow a lot as a person. [I’ve] learned a lot from the awesome chicks that I’ve been with, and they’re all cool… You become a better version of yourself because you learn a little something from everybody. I’ve been very fortunate and lucky to date some really wonderful, beautiful, cool, talented women and with that comes [drama in the public eye], unfortunately. So I’m aware that there’s s**t, but I do think that I get a little harder than most. But like, that comes with the territory.”

When asked what he thinks of his ex Margaret Qualley, Pete said:

“Beautiful soul. Great girl. She’ll win an Oscar. She’s so talented. She’s dope.”

The New Yorker went on to gush over his other ex, Kate Beckinsale, sharing:

“Oh, man. F**ing legendary. All of my uncles freaked out. Also, f**ing hysterical. Really, really funny. One of the funniest people I’ve ever met. She’s really cool. She was very understanding and cool.”

As for why he and the Underworld actress split, he revealed:

“It wasn’t the right time. I think I was going into another rehab. I must have a pattern. I wasn’t like, right yet. And she had a lot of acting and work to do. She’s like, a superstar.”

What a sweetie!

Ch-ch-check out his full interview (below).

Let’s hope Pete doesn’t have to wait too long to find the love of his life. Which celeb would YOU set him up with, Perezcious readers?

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Face Rollers: What They Do and How to Use Them – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog



Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Face rollers, also known as jade rollers, aren’t new to the beauty sphere. In fact, they’ve been around since the 17th century in China. If you’re a beauty enthusiast who stays on top of makeup and skin care trends, then you’ve probably spotted this beauty tool on social media. Face rollers have become one of the trendiest and most Insta-worthy beauty tools to add to your skin care collection.

Facial rollers definitely look pretty on your vanity and Instagram feed. But you may be wondering, What exactly do face rollers do?” and “How do you use a face roller?” Before you add a face roller to your shopping cart and start rolling it across your face, here’s everything you need to know about them.

What are Face Rollers?

A face roller is a beauty tool consisting of two rollers, a large one and a small one on each end of the handle. The most common type of face rollers are jade rollers made of jade stone, but you can also find other types including rose quartz rollers, clear quartz rollers, amethyst rollers and even blue sodalite rollers. 

Benefits of Face Rollers 

Aside from the relaxed feeling you get when you massage a facial roller across your face, face rollers also offer various skin care benefits. 

Using a face roller is known to increase blood flow to the skin, which helps your skin care products penetrate deeper into the skin. It’s best to use a face roller after applying your serum or face oil, so the roller can enhance the penetration of the skin care products’ active ingredients into your skin. By regularly massaging your skin with a face roller, your complexion will start to look firmer, brighter and healthier-looking. 

Face rollers also improve your lymphatic system, so if you suffer from occasional breakouts, it’s time to get one! They help promote lymphatic drainage by getting rid of toxins. It’s important to note that although face rollers help reduce signs of inflammation, they haven’t been proven to get rid of acne. If acne is one of your major skin concerns, it’s still best to stick to a skin care routine for acne-prone skin. 

If you have puffy eyes, you can count on jade rollers to help reduce puffiness and improve the appearance of pesky eye bags. A tip: quickly pop your face roller in the fridge before using it in the morning. The cooling sensation from the jade stone helps drain any excess fluid and calms down signs of swelling and puffiness. 

Lastly, face rollers may not banish your fine lines and wrinkles in the long run, but they do help plump up the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines. To maximize its anti-aging benefits, massage your skin with a face roller after applying an anti-aging face oil. 

How to Use a Face Roller

Image: Sdara Skincare

Face rollers can be used in either your morning or night skin care regimen. If you’ve tried using one and don’t seem to be seeing results, perhaps you’re using it wrong. Reap all the benefits of a face roller by using it correctly. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Apply your serum, face oil or face cream before reaching for your face roller.

Step 2: Start by massaging the larger roller across your jawline. Repeat this a few times on both sides. Try to avoid rolling the face roller in up-and-down motions. You want to be lifting your face so keep rolling in an upwards motion only.

Step 3: Next, place the face roller just underneath your cheekbones. Start massaging from your inner cheeks and make your way towards the ears. Always use gentle strokes, and don’t apply too much pressure or you may risk hurting your skin. 

Step 4: Swap to the smaller roller and gently massage your under-eye areas. Your eye areas are even more delicate than the rest of your face, so use lighter pressure when using the face roller to depuff your eyes. 

Step 5: Switch back to the larger roller and begin massaging your forehead. Apply the face roller in an upwards motion, starting just above your eyebrows until you reach your hairline. 

Step 6: If you’ve had a long day, you can roll your stress away! To relieve tension or a headache, a face roller is the perfect self-care tool. Gently roll the face roller across your forehead and towards your temples. This repeated motion instantly relaxes and soothes your muscles.

Step 7: To make the most out of your face roller, bring it down to your neck after you’ve finished massaging your face. Our lymph nodes are located in the front, back and sides of the neck, so using a face roller on these areas increases circulation and helps flush out any waste or toxins in your body. 

Who’s ready to start (face) rolling?

Now that you understand the benefits of a face roller and how to use one, it’s time to give it a go!

Here are some face rollers available on YesStyle that you can try:

Other types of rollers:


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