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The AW19 Trends To Skip And What To Wear Instead



Along with death and taxes, it’s a certainty in life that 90 per cent of what’s cool right now will be an embarrassment in 20 years’ time (is anyone willing to admit to owning a Female Body Inspector T-shirt?).

In the same way that you can look back at old photos of yourself in bootcut jeans, deep V-necks and over-gelled hair and laugh with the benefit of hindsight, there’s a strong chance that in years to come, we’ll all be wondering what was going through our brains at the turn of the 2020s.

AW19 menswear trends – if you follow the catwalks, at least – include bold colours, radical silhouettes and long-forgotten statement pieces. They’re not for everyone.

And so to help your future self avoid any further sartorial embarrassment, we’ve consulted the menswear crystal ball to work out which current autumn/winter trends will stand the test of time, and which should be taken with a massive pinch of pre-emptive salt.

Leather Trench Coats

Did we foresee Keanu Reeves becoming a style icon 20 years after The Matrix? No. Are we here for it? Of course – but let’s stick to modern end of the Keanussaince rather than full-blown Neo cosplay, please. When it comes to long leather trench coats, it’s probably best to take the blue pill and let this story end here.

Leather trench coats on the runway

What To Wear Instead: Oversized Outerwear

This season you can take almost any style of outerwear and supersize it – duffle coats, puffers, even trenches (just not in leather) all lend themselves to overblown proportions.

“With outerwear you can afford yourself some leeway with regards to the precision of the fit,” says stylist Sarah Ann Murray, who has dressed the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and David Gandy. “The effortless drape of a raglan-sleeved check overcoat or a lightweight wool trench for example works with almost any outfit.”

As with any oversized fit, try to maintain a balance with slimmer pieces elsewhere – a neatly-fitting jumper or a slim pair of trousers – and ensure you buy items that are purposely oversized, not just a few sizes too big.

“To avoid looking like you’ve picked up the wrong jacket from the cloakroom, ensure the sleeves are the correct length which will balance out the proportions,” says Sarah Gillifan, stylist and personal shopper at Sartoria Lab.

Split Hem Trousers

The nineties revival was going so well. Retro sneakers, Saved By The Bell denim, even bucket hats managed to shake off their old rap and reclaim their rightful places in our wardrobes. But sadly, trousers that split at the hem like your old Kappa trackies might have to be where we draw the line.

Split hem trousers

What To Wear Instead: Wide-Leg Trousers

The trick to doing the 90s without looking like a Renford Reject is to keep things sleek, simple and not too direct an homage. In terms of trousers, this means a looser cut that most of us are used to, whether skater-inspired cropped chinos or a more formal wide leg style.

As with oversized outerwear, the key to wearing wide leg trousers is proportion. Wear anything too slim up top and you’ll look like an MC Hammer back-up dancer, too loose and you’ll find yourself drowning in fabric.

“To balance out wide-leg trousers, try a piece of fine gauge knitwear, a shorter jacket like a bomber or a boxy shirt tucked in,” suggests Gillifan.

Suits Sans Shirt

Here’s a classic case of a trend which doesn’t translate well to real life. A suit with a bare chest on the runway looks cool and carefree, like Donald Glover on the Met Gala red carpet. But for an ordinary man, wearing a suit with a bare chest means you’ll be hugging your kebab for warmth in the taxi rank come 3am.


What To Wear Instead: Double-Breasted Done Differently

There’s a simple solution to this one: forget the shirtless styling but keep the louche double-breasted jackets that are fast becoming a menswear staple.

“After an age of skinny suits, it’s refreshing to see a new silhouette coming through which is a lot bigger and baggier than we’re used to,” says Gillifan. “A wearable take is to go for a strong shouldered, simply styled double breasted jacket – preferably in grey, with some pleated trousers. These can still have a tapered leg, just not too slim and definitely not skinny.”

In terms of layering, a plain T-shirt or a roll-neck jumper gives a similar laid-back look, but won’t leave you with frostbite at the end of the night.


Trapper Hats

“Finally, an autumn/winter trend that’s as practical as it is capital-F fashionable.” Which is something you might say if you’re reading this from Russia, Antarctica or Fargo, North Dakota. For those of us whose idea of a cold-weather outing is less fishing in the ice ponds, more Saturday morning kickabout, a fur-lined trapper is stone-cold fashion overkill.


What To Wear Instead: A Weatherproof Cap

Baseball caps have always been a summertime essential, but this season a host of designers have made a serious case for wearing them in the colder months too. “A leather cap gives a welcome contrast to wool overcoats and jackets, and as a bonus is more weatherproof than cotton and wool,” says Gillifan.

Of course, the idea of a winter snap-back is old hat for those who are well-acquainted with the great outdoors. Waxed cotton styles, like those from Barbour, work just as well for trips across town as they do long country walks, while corduroy holds up surprisingly well against the elements.

All Acid Everything

Psychedelia is fine in moderation – a tie dye T-shirt here, a neon sweatshirt there – but head-to-toe acid hues? It might fly at a fashion week after party, but try it anywhere else and there’s a good chance you’ll wake up the next morning filled with fear and loathing.

” alt=”Description” class=”white” />

What To Wear Instead: Earthy Tones

Instead of head-splitting day-glo, take inspiration from nature with wholesome autumnal tones of brown, beige, green and orange.

“If you have darker or olive toned skin the deeper rich tones of olive, mustard and tobacco will look great,” says Gillifan. “For lighter skin tones with blue or green eyes, choose the washed in versions of these like a sea green, sand and mid brown for a softer look which will suit you better.”

“Earth tones are easy to style as they naturally work well together,” adds Murray. “Try a camel coat with a forest green sweater or a burgundy roll neck under a suit.”

Lanyard-Style Bags

The nano-scale bags felt fun when they first reared their head earlier for spring/summer – the sort of thing you might actually get some use out at an Ibiza pool party, albeit absolutely nowhere else. But for everyday life, especially in autumn/winter? Where do you put your phone? Your spare socks? Your electronic handwarmer?

What To Wear Instead: Big Cross-Body Bags

The perfect antidote to a pointlessly small bag? A big, bolshy cross body. Also known as the bum bag (or, to our American readers, the fanny pack) the cross-body bag has been the sensible man’s holdall of choice for some time. For AW19 bigger is certainly better, but it’s important to keep proportions in mind.

“Find a bag that’s in keeping with your shape and build,” explains Murray “You can definitely go oversized, but don’t let it swamp you.” Those who favour streetwear might consider a chest rig or holster, which amps up the utilitarian feel.


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Rosie Perez Testifies at Harvey Weinstein Trial to Bolster Annabella Sciorra’s Rape Allegation




Click here to read the full article.

UPDATED: Rosie Perez took the stand at Harvey Weinstein’s trial on Friday afternoon to testify about her friend, actress Annabella Sciorra, who says Weinstein raped her.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi had requested earlier on Friday to bring Perez in as a witness, in an effort to bolster Sciorra’s claim that Weinstein raped her back in the early 1990s. Attorneys for Weinstein argued that Perez should not be allowed to testify, since the story is hearsay, but the judge allowed her to take the stand.

More from Variety

Perez testified that Sciorra had told her decades ago, in the early ’90s, that Weinstein raped her.

Perez said that around 1993, she had called Sciorra to ask if she wanted to go out to a nightclub. But when she called, Sciorra was talking in a strange whisper voice “as if she was hiding from someone.” Perez recalls Sciorra telling her, “I think something bad happened.”

“She said I think it was rape and she started crying,” Perez continued recalling the phone call. “I asked who did it and she said, ‘I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.’ I said what happened. She said I woke up on the floor and my nightgown was up.”

Perez suggested, on that phone call, that Sciorra call the police, but Sciorra said she couldn’t because she was scared and then she hung up the phone. “I tried to call her back all night long and I was so upset, but she wouldn’t pick up.”

A few months after that call, Perez connected the dots and realized that Weinstein was Sciorra’s alleged rapist.

Sciorra did not reveal Weinstein’s name as her alleged rapist during her initial call with Perez, but when Sciorra was in London filming a movie, she says Weinstein was stalking her and showed up to her hotel unannounced. Perez had heard about the incident in London, so she gave Sciorra a call, and Sciorra said Weinstein was harassing her in London and she was “scared he was gonna get her again.” Perez said, “When she made that statement, that’s when I put two and two together and I said, ‘He’s the one who raped you.’ And she said, ‘How did you know?’ And I said, ‘I didn’t know. You just confirmed my speculation.’”

“She swore to me never to tell anybody and I told her you should go to the police,” Perez continued. “She said I can’t. He’s going to destroy me. He’s going to destroy my career.”

Perez says that after the call in London, Sciorra made her promise to never, ever, ever talk to anybody about the situation, so they had not spoken about the alleged rape again until around the time that Ronan Farrow’s article about Weinstein was published in the New Yorker in 2017. (Both Perez and Sciorra spoke to Farrow for the piece.)

Lead prosecutor Illuzzi asked Perez about her conversations with Farrow, and Perez testified that she did not know exactly what was discussed between Farrow and Sciorra. When asked if she suggested Farrow call Sciorra, Perez replied, “I did not directly tell Ronan Farrow to call Annabella.” She then revealed that she told Nicolle Wallace, her former co-host on “The View,” that she should tell Farrow to call Sciorra. (Both Wallace and Farrow worked at MSNBC.)

Crying on the stand, Perez said she told Sciorra that she had told Wallace to have Farrow call her because she “betrayed her promise” to never tell anyone about what allegedly happened. Telling this story was the only moment of the hourlong testimony that prompted Perez to break out in tears.

On Thursday in court, Sciorra testified for six hours. She said Weinstein showed up announced in 1993 or 1994 to her Manhattan apartment, barged into her home, unbuttoned his shirt, threw her on the bed, held her hands down and raped her. Sciorra says she tried to fight back, but she lost the fight, as her body began shaking in response to the attack, as if she were having a seizure. She said she does not remember what happened after, but she woke up on the floor with her nightgown, which was a family heirloom, around her waist.

Weinstein’s defense said in court that Sciorra’s story is not true, and Weinstein has maintained that all sexual relationships with any woman was consensual.

Today, Weinstein’s attorney Damon Cheronis cross-examined Perez, and her re-telling of the story remained consistent, while the lawyer attempted to poke holes in her testimony.

Cheronis repeatedly questioned the source of Perez’s detailed information about the alleged rape, seemingly suggesting that she didn’t talk to Sciorra about the incident in the early ’90s over the phone, but rather, she knew Sciorra’s story by seeing the news about her testimony yesterday or by reading Farrow’s book, “Catch and Kill.” Perez said she did not watch the news or read about Sciorra’s testimony on Thursday, and she said, “With all due respect, I didn’t read the book.”

Weinstein’s attorney asked Perez why she attended premieres for movies produced by The Weinstein Company over the years, if she knew that he allegedly raped her friend. Perez said, “Everybody did,” and noted that she didn’t interact with Weinstein at any of the largely-attended industry events.

Weinstein’s lawyer questioned why Perez didn’t immediately go to Sciorra’s home after she told her on the phone she was raped. “I didn’t go over there because she hung up the phone and she was very upset and I was very upset,” Perez said, adding that she tried to call her over the next couple of days, but she didn’t want to talk about it. “I left it at that because it was very traumatic for her,” Perl told Weinstein’s attorney. “It was so traumatic for her that I was trying to be respectful.”

Perez was on the original list of people who may be called in as a witness or referenced during the trial, along with other notable names, including Charlize Theron and Salma Hayek. (Neither Theron nor Hayek have been called to testify.)

Best of Variety

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I am a mermaid • Alice Rosati




“The mermaid surpasses the identity of a fantastic marine creature, because it is mainly disappearance that she is seeking at any price”

Léa Chauvel-Lévy

C’è tempo fino al 17 febbraio per recarsi alla Galerie Charredeau di Parigi e prender visione delle fotografie di Alice Rosati, fotografa e filmmaker, artista poliedrica italiana di base nella capitale francese.

Le immagini in mostra fanno parte della serie “I am a mermaid”, progetto che è stato raccolto nel libro omonimo recentemente pubblicato da Kahl Editions.

Il titolo è assertivo, sembra quasi un’affermazione di identità, eppure nulla è certo, non ci sono punti fermi a cui aggrapparsi nella lettura delle fotografie di Alice Rosati.

La protagonista è una figura misteriosa: il volto non è riconoscibile, il corpo è avvolto da un involucro in lamée dorato con coda da sirena.

Che si tratti di una versione contemporanea dell’affascinante creatura mitologica?

Siamo forse di fronte ad una seducente incantatrice, capace di muoversi con disinvoltura all’interno di non-luoghi, spesso sfarzosi, che potrebbero essere situati in qualsiasi parte del mondo?

Ancora una volta non c’è dato saperlo con certezza. Quello che possiamo fare, in quanto spettatori, è supporre, provare a immaginare, completare con le nostre interpretazioni una narrazione che si sviluppa per frammenti.

Questa impossibilità di definizione si acuisce quando scopriamo che le fotografie non sono state scattate da Alice ma ad anonimi estranei presenti sulla scena oppure in modalità di autoscatto. L’artista è colei che si cela dietro la maschera. É la sirena che stiamo fissando, è la performer che interagisce con lo spazio e con le persone, è la mente che progetta ogni fotografia, scegliendo accuratamente luoghi, pose, atmosfere.

Ecco cosa stiamo guardando, le tracce di una performance di cinque anni che vedono una sirena assumere forme sempre diverse per mettere in scena, talvolta con ironia, l’assurdità della realtà, la surrealtà delle molteplici esistenze che siamo chiamati a vivere, il senso di smarrimento che proviamo quando non riusciamo a trovare il nostro posto nel mondo.

Alice Rosati sperimenta con se stessa, col proprio corpo e noi con lei.

La sirena contemporanea siamo noi?

Il libro edito da Kahl Editions


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Taylor Swift Bows Out of Unannounced Grammy Performance




Click here to read the full article.

Taylor Swift has bowed out of a possible performance on the Grammy Awards program Sunday night just as stealthily as it appeared she might have bowed into it, multiple sources tell Variety.

Her possible appearance on the show had been kept a secret — albeit not an extremely well-kept secret —  so her exit won’t create the problems that would have occurred if one of the many performers that had been announced were to have taken their leave.

More from Variety

Sources say that she was never formally confirmed for the show, though hopes were high that the show could nail down an appearance that was well along in talks.

Rehearsal schedules for the taping at Staples Center had included one “TBA” artist that was believed to have been reserved for Swift, possibly performing her most recent album’s feminist anthem, “The Man” … which could have taken on extra meaning, given the charges of sexism swirling around the Recording Academy.

It’s unconfirmed whether her quietly bowing out is directly related to the scandal involving the allegations flying back and forth between the Academy trustees and ousted CEO Deborah Dugan, though speculation that Swift might exit because of that was already rampant among insiders even before her MIA status was confirmed.

Swift attended the premiere of her “Miss Americana” documentary Thursday night at the Sundance Film Festival. Her planned flight out of Park City immediately after the premiere had further fueled speculation that the superstar was needed back in L.A. for the Grammys, before the Dugan situation blew up.

Some observers were surprised that Swift had been considering on the telecast in the first place. She is nominated in three categories this year, including song of the year for “Lover.” But her hit album of that same name had been expected to pick up more. The underwhelming number of top nominations for this most recent release as well as its predecessor, “Reputation,” after Swift had previously been a Grammy darling (winning album of the year for “1989” and “Fearless”) has been put down by some as the result of the committee system that Dugan has complained about neglecting a number of acclaimed, commercial hits in favor of more curious choices. But Swift has taken the high road before, and her appearance was expected to help promote “Miss Americana,” which comes out nationally Jan. 31, as well as an upcoming single. The Dugan imbroglio may have been the tipping point.

Best of Variety

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