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The Skittles Manicure Is Taking Over Instagram




Matteo ScarpelliniGetty Images

Indecision rarely yields strong looks, but in the world of manicures, it’s gold. There’s a new polish trend I can’t escape every time I open Instagram, and it involves wearing a different shade on every nail. Let’s call it the Skittles Manicure. Like the candy, it’s a cheerful arrangement of rainbow colors. I’m a big fan because it’s insanely easy to DIY. If you panic when a manicurist asks you to pick a color at the salon, you now have license to pick them all.

“I think it’s like really great way to do something different without it being overwhelming or too much,” says editorial nail artist Betina Goldstein, whose page was one of the first where I noticed the multi-mani trend. It was a beautiful combo of sunset hues.

“Somebody sent me a bunch of colors and they were so pretty. All of them were great and kind of monochromatic, so I was like, I need to try this,” she tells me. “I just started putting them all together to test them and I was like, oh, this is great! From there it was just trying to see what colors and what order would look really aesthetically pleasing.”

While Goldstein often likes to stick to the same shade family, she also says there are no rules for nailing the look. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be just like light to dark. I always like to do like one pop of like a random color. So, I did green ones and then a yellow,” she said. “It’s in the similar wheelhouse, but just a little bit off. So, it adds that extra umpfh to it.”

Get some more inspiration with the Skittles manicures, ahead.

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Must Read: Decoding Gucci’s Merchandising Success, Fashion Businesses That Could Survive a Recession




Gucci's Fall 2018 runway show. Photo: Imaxtree

Gucci’s Fall 2018 runway show. Photo: Imaxtree

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday. 

Decoding Gucci’s merchandising success
It’s no secret that Gucci has experienced incredible success since the arrival of its creative director Alessandro Michele in 2015. Much of Gucci’s success is credited to a creative and merchandising strategy that has brought attention to short-term trends while still moving staple products. Under Michele’s direction, Gucci continues to provide a world of escapism for the luxury shopper which has proved to be an instant hit. {Business of Fashion}

The fashion businesses that could survive a recession
Many economists believe the U.S. will face another recession in 2021. As the deterioration of retail shopping continues, this could pose a serious threat. However, for luxury brands and fashion resalers, the impending recession might not be a concern. During the Great Recession of 2007, the wealthiest Americans saw their wealth increase and businesses like Hermès and LVMH continued to flourish. And while luxury businesses are proven to do well in a recession, chains like TJ Maxx and Ross could weather the storm as well.  {Quartz}

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Meghan McCain storms off ‘The View’ after sparring with Ana Navarro: Watch




Meghan McCain stormed off set during Friday’s episode of “The View.”

The conservative commentator sparred with regular guest co-host Ana Navarro during the show’s opening segment while discussing a U.S. intelligence official who blew the whistle on President Trump, resulting in McCain storming off set as the ABC daytime hit cut to commercial.

The two Republican pundits sparred over the ethics of whistleblowing and how the current topic differs from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange leaking Hillary Clinton’s emails. 

Towards the end of the discussion, Navarro interrupted McCain, which prompted her to yell, “Excuse me!” while admitting that “maybe” she was “clumsy” while expressing a previous point.

“Don’t scream at me, I’m two feet away,” Navarro warned McCain as the audience audibly gasped.

“You know what?” McCain rolled her eyes. “That’s so rude, Ana. Welcome back.”

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The camera then panned the audience as an announcer teased what was to come following a commercial break before cutting to McCain storming off the set to go backstage.

Watch the clip below:

Reactions on Twitter seemed to be decidedly against McCain, with one person saying, “Can’t take the shrieking Meghan. She’s gotten away with her bratty nonsense way too long. Constantly yelling over everyone, wants to always be the center of attention. Blasts people, then goes for the quick coffee sip. Babyish.”

“Tired of megan [sic],” someone else said. “Not her politics but her insufferable voice and lake [sic] of respect for anyone not like her.”

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“Whoopi would have ran after her. It seems like Whoopi constantly protects her,” another user tweeted, noting that Goldberg was absent during Friday’s episode. “Thank God for Ana to finally put the Princess of Arizona in her place.”

There were a few McCain defenders in the responses to the clip, however: “But Anna [sic] screams all the time in CNN & is extremely rude,” one woman responded. “Meghan wasn’t even screaming. Give me a break.”

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Meghan McCain Storms Off After ANOTHER Heated Exchange On ‘The View’!




Meghan McCain really stuck her foot in it this time. And by it we mean the space backstage because gurl stormed off set after yet another testy exchange with a cohost.

The ladies of The View were as usual getting political, discussing the HUGE but disappointingly porn-star-free scandal blowing up around Donald Trump this week.

In very, very short, here’s a breakdown of the scandal thus far:

  • A whistleblower in the US intelligence community filed a complaint with the Inspector General last month, reportedly claiming Trump made some kind of “troubling” promise to the leader of a foreign nation. The IG tells Congress what was revealed is an “urgent concern.”
  • Many believe this is in relation to the odd negotiation with the Ukraine in which the U.S. agreed to give them $250 mil in aid then Trump inexplicably blocked it — only to change his mind again.
  • There have since been reports from sources in the intelligence community claiming Trump held back the money until the Ukraine agreed to help him out with the 2020 election by launching an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter — thus making his chief rival look crooked.
  • On Thursday Rudy Giuliani went on TV and admitted he asked the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden. Oh Rudy…
  • Meanwhile the White House and Trump’s handpicked Attorney General are trying to sweep the whistleblower’s complaint — whatever it turns out to be — under the rug by threatening him/her with prosecution, something from which whistleblowers uncovering public corruption are supposed to be legally protected.

Phew. That’s a lot of Hot Topic.

So what did John McCain‘s daughter have to say about it? She kinda sorta made it about herself.

Meghan seemingly was attempting to use the new scandal as ammo to win a fight with Pamela Anderson she lost TWO WEEKS AGO. She said:

“We had Pamela Anderson on a week ago, two weeks ago, and I took her to task about Julian Assange. And there’s a lot of liberals who are OK with Julian Assange releasing Hillary’s emails. OK, he’s a quote ‘whistleblower’ — I called him a cyberterrorist. And now the same people are screaming bloody murder about this whistleblower. I think all interference from a foreign country in our election, all of it, is bad and should be condemned, and you can’t play party politics with this. There’s a lot of people on the left who are doing that.”

Didn’t understand that?

Yeah, neither did anyone at the table.

Her argument is that if you think THIS whistleblower should be protected, you should be against someone else who is considered a whistleblower?

Um, what?

Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain on The View
Sunny Hostin’s face trying to follow Meghan’s logic is PRICELESS. / (c) The View/YouTube

Meghan reiterated:

“If you have a problem with this whistleblower, and you think he’s a hero, you should have a problem with Wikileaks as well.”

Joy Behar tried to tell her as a liberal she doesn’t have a problem with this whistleblower and in fact thinks they’re just trying to protect us from corruption. Meghan didn’t seem to get it.

They tried again to ask her to clarify, and she stumbled over her words in a way you could tell she was just about to figure out what she was saying didn’t make sense…

As the rest of the table all tried to come together on where everyone stood on the new whistleblower, Trump’s alleged request for election interference, and the mystery of Julian Assange, recurring guest host Ana Navarro tried to partially agree with Meghan:

“I think Julian Assange is a traitor –“

But Meghan had also begun speaking at that moment. So she acted with her usual umbrage of being the poor, persecuted, sole Republican at the table (even though on Friday’s show, as is not that unusual lately, there were three Republican women), loudly interrupting:

“Excuse me!! Maybe I was clumsy in the way that I said it, but I’m —

Ana shot back:

“I’m two feet away, I don’t need you to scream at me.”

When Meghan said she didn’t hear her, Ana said more firmly:

“I said don’t scream at me. I’m two feet away.”

As the audience buzzed over the clapback, you could just FEEL the heat coming off of Meghan from beneath her Purple Rain cosplay.

Meghan McCain The View fight
She never meant to cause you any trouble, Ana. / (c) The View/YouTube

As Joy quickly read the outro to go to commercial, Meghan could be heard speaking over her:

“That’s so rude, Ana!”

Afterward Meghan reportedly got up and stormed off the set!

She was back after the commercial break, so she must have just needed a minute to cool off and collect herself.

You can watch as the discussion devolves into disarray in the second part of The View‘s take on Trump’s latest scandal (below)!

Maybe a calm and collected Meghan could have just pointed out the difference between Assange and this whistleblower instead of trying to tie them together.

You know, how this one is a US intelligence officer who saw something problematic and felt they had to say something, which should not be at all controversial.

Whereas Assange is a controversial figure because during the 2016 election he leaked the emails of just Hillary Clinton and the DNC, which according to our intelligence community were hacked by Russia in its effort to get Trump elected. So whether as a “useful idiot” or not, he was helping Russia interfere.

We think ultimately Meghan meant to compare Assange’s election interference with what Trump is allegedly asking the Ukrainian government to do?

In any case, she has got to get better at making her point and not getting so upset with the rest of the table. Because frankly this mess is what it sounds like when doves cry.

Purple Rain Prince GIF by The Revolution - Find & Share on GIPHY

[Image via The View/YouTube.]

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