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Trust Me—This is the Best Skincare Routine for Your 40s



The first thing I wanted to know was what I might be doing to my skin now that could stop me from enjoying glowy skin once I hit 40. Turns out, there are plenty of mistakes that we’re all making in our 20s and 30s that could be hindering our chances.

Over stripping [your skin’s natural oils and using aggressive peels which will stress the skin out,” are two of the biggest skincare mistakes, according to Joss. As a long-term acne sufferer I can definitely say that I’m guilty of spending a lot of my 20s attempting to remove excess oils from my skin through a combination of double-cleansing and harsh toners. I can safely say that since embracing oils and serums in my late-20s and since turning 30 that my skin is finally showing signs of improvement. 

Not wearing sun protection and anti-pollution products to safeguard [your skin]” are two other common mistakes that could prevent you from enjoying good skin long-term, explained Joss. I’m truly passionate about wearing SPF everyday (mainly because every skin expert and dermatologist touts it as being the most important product we can wear on our face) but products that protect against city living are still a fairly new trend. I’ll definitely be looking into products that protect against pollution as a matter of priority.

Don’t worry, though—it’s not too late. Joss recommends that you make sure you are cleansing your skin correctly and are protecting and nourishing the skin with a mix of SPF and active serums now to stand you in good stead for later down the line.

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Gwyneth Paltrow hosts celebrity friends at makeup-free dinner



When Gwyneth Paltrow invites you to a party, you go — even if she stipulates that you can’t wear makeup.

Some of the Goop founder’s celebrity friends, including Demi Moore, Rachel Zoe, and Kate Hudson, were among the women who took her up on the offer for the Wednesday night event. Musician Samantha Ronson, artist Alexandra Grant, who happens to be Keanu Reeves’s girlfriend, designers and other Hollywood types were part of the guest list, too. They gathered to eat and drink wearing fancy clothes, as they usually would be for a dinner with friends, but without the cosmetics, at least for the most part.

All of them looked incredible, and incredibly happy, as evidenced by the many photos they snapped and posted on Instagram.

Moore declared afterward on Instagram that she felt “so nourished and full of joy.”

The Ghost star added, “Beauty is more than what you see, it is what you feel.”

Designer Zoe explained that she typically doesn’t leave the house without quickly applying makeup, so she felt “totally naked and insecure” to be out with a clean face. However, she had obviously gotten past that.

“Thank you my friend for encouraging confidence in being our most natural selves at every age,” Zoe captioned a photo from the evening.

The women’s appearances earned rave reviews.

Actress Rebecca Gayheart commented on Zoe’s post, “I love this so much and you look beautiful.”

“You all look better without makeup!” @stevenhoeppner replied to Paltrow’s snapshot. “Well done!”

“I adore the idea of a makeup free dinner,” added @tamaranycc. “It reminds me of @neneleakes weave free dinner. Sometimes it’s good to remember that we can just show up as ourselves.”

Another commenter, @tinakrohnphoto, summed it up: “Brilliant idea for a gathering.”

While it wasn’t the main attraction, food was part of the evening. According to ET, Paltrow and her friends enjoyed a dinner of King Salmon steaks, chicken with roast grapes, sweet potato fries and long-cooked kale. Ketel One botanical spritz cocktails and mini citrus naked cakes were also on the menu.

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‘The Hills’ Alum Jason Wahler Admits To ‘Another Slip’ In Ongoing Battle For Sobriety



Jason Wahler is opening up about the biggest battle of his life: the one for sobriety!

The well-known star of The Hills and its reboot, The Hills: New Beginnings, joined Dr. Drew Pinsky on Thursday for a special edition of the doc’s Therapy Thursday work. Along with it, the reality TV mainstay opened up to E! News journos about “another slip” he suffered — a setback in his ongoing quest for life-long sobriety after last appearing one of their shows.

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Speaking on this morning’s E! show Daily Pop, Wahler revealed to hosts Justin Sylvester and Melanie Bromley that he recently suffered a setback regarding his battle with addiction. The 33-year-old TV star explained:

“Today I am doing phenomenal, but in an effort of honesty and transparency, since [appearing on Just the Sip] I had another slip. What keeps me going is the honesty, the transparency, and being vulnerable. By expressing vulnerability, it creates humility and lets people know they are not alone when this stuff does happen.”

Wow! Talk about transparency, indeed! Good for him for coming forward with things like that, because it no doubt will help his accountability moving forward as he tries to stay sober.

These days, Jason is enjoying fatherhood & his marriage to Ashley Wahler. / (c) Jason Wahler/Instagram

BTW, as it turned out, the instance he was referring to occurred after a September 2019 appearance on the E! digital series where Wahler opened up about his body image and mental health.

Dr. Drew felt largely the same way, too, adding this about Jason during the segment itself:

“Jason is an inspiration and miracle. I look at the slips as just learning opportunities for you. The problem is when people slip and just stay out or they start bs’ing and confiscating. This man remains my guiding light. And this is what people don’t understand. They say he’s not staying sober. No, this is a sober dude that is struggling with more and more tender issues as he gets deeper into his sobriety. What I hear is he’s getting into the more tender parts of himself and he’s more and more vulnerable and so the symptoms are emerging but it’s because he’s getting more real about who you are and what is going on.”

Powerful stuff, indeed. Here’s hoping Wahler can continue to dig deep on some of these “tender” underlying issues, as Pinsky notes, to better help himself long-term in the never-ending battle to remain sober.

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Wahler’s wife, Ashley (pictured above, alongside Jason) also joined the pair for the show today, and she opened up a bit more about why Jason’s most recent relapse was unique too — and why they’ve been able to move forward from it:

“I think the reason why this was different is because my boundaries are getting stronger. It’s like a muscle I haven’t used ever before and now I am strong in that sense so instead of my boundaries moving with where wherever he goes, my boundaries are very firm. We were all supposed to go up to Northern California together as a family. It was during the holidays and I said, ‘You can’t go. You have to really work on yourself.’ And that was the first time I ever left him to sink in his stuff.”

And work, he has!

Here’s to Jason continuing to get and stay sober for his family, friends, and loved ones… he clearly has a lot of love and support out there, too! So great!

[Image via WENN/Instar]


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Fendi Puts a Futuristic Spin on the ’40s Femme Fatale for Fall 2020



Looks from the Fendi Fall 2020 collection. 

Looks from the Fendi Fall 2020 collection. 

Remember millennial pink? The shade which ruled everything from branding to clothing to the internet at large for the better part of the last decade? Well, it was the color of choice for Fendi’s Fall 2020 collection. 

The rosy shade provided a backdrop for Thursday evening’s runway in Milan. It was splashed across plush, curved couches, calling back to a certain kind of old Hollywood glamour. It was also echoed in the femme-fatale clothes that walked: in satin tops cut low over quilted bras and on splashy Fendi-branded handbags disguised as shopping bags. The crowd-pleasing pink was mixed in with lots of black in sexy sheer tops, beaded skirts and layers of fringe. Retro silhouettes got futuristic updates with plays on shape — an oversized sleeve, a skirt with mega pleats, a boxy coat.

The clothes were good, but what was even more exciting was seeing models like Paloma Elsesser and Karen Elson on the Fall 2020 runway. More luxury brands would do well to consider that their customers comprise a broader range of women than those usually seen at a fashion show.

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