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Watch Lil Yachty Instastalk Himself and Find Some Truly Wild Things



To be honest, I am very proud to admit that my social media creeping skills are quite stellar—because that’s kinda par for the course in this day and age. But, I’m not sure if Lil Yachty knows this yet because we made him stalk his hashtag on Instagram (yep, #lilyachty) in our series Instastalk Yourself where we gave him prompts and he had to find a picture in the #lilyachty feed to match…and he wasn’t as speedy as we would’ve imagined a Gen Z-er would be!!

Right off the bat, Lil Yachty made it clear that he uses the ‘Gram to show off his super swaggy outfits. Okaaaay, like, same, but is that enough to prove your creeper talents are tip top? For his first prompt (out of 15!!!) we asked him to find a rapper that was NOT himself and he was quick to find one of his collaborators, Lil Baby! Not a bad start!

Next we asked him to hunt for a photo of him and his mom, which, you wouldn’t think would be that hard to find? Welp, he didn’t come across one but instead found a video of an interview he did that he doesn’t really remember? OOP.

We then told him to find a shot of him at a basketball game and he was lucky that he had been at a Nets game the night before because he found a fan edit of himself recording a video of Future. Uhuh, Future was casually sitting across from him court-side. Nbd, whatevs. But point for our mans!! He was able to rack up some more wins, but, I’d still say that he needs to keep on practicing his Instagram stalking abilities. You’ll get it, Lil Yachty!

Make sure you tune in and watch the rest of the video because he just maaay have thrown a bit of shade at your favorite TikTokers while he was creeping and exposed a leaked a song!! We love to see it!

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Shopify announces optimistic Q1, suspends 2020 outlook



Ottawa-based e-commerce company Shopify Inc. said on Wednesday that it is suspending its previous financial expectations provided for full-year 2020, as the Covid-19 crisis continues.

Shopify announces optimistic Q1, suspends 2020 outlook. – Facebook: Shopify

Nonetheless, it expects to report first-quarter earnings on May 6, 2020 that are within or ahead of its previously announced guidance. 

“Shopify ended 2019 with momentum that continued into January and February of 2020. This will enable us to report revenue and adjusted operating income for the first quarter within or ahead of the range of expectations provided on February 12, 2020, despite the global economic disruption that emerged in March triggered by Covid-19,” the company said in a news statement. 

Shopify is currently “analyzing the data across its platform for insights into how COVID-19 is affecting merchants’ operations in order to provide the most effective support.” 

So far, the company said that early signs indicate that brick-and-mortar businesses are pivoting to online as consumer demand shifts. It also noticed an increase in the use of promotions by merchants to boost sales, as well as industry-specific sales trends. 

In interim, the company is supporting merchants with initiatives like adding gift cards to all plans for all merchants, offering local in-store/curbside pickup and delivery for POS merchants, extending its 90-day free trial to all new standard plan signups and more. 

It also announced that it will be making US$200 million in loans available to merchants through the company’s Shopify Capital program. 

Shopify noted that in March, it terminated thousands of merchants charging unfair prices or making false claims about Covid-19-related items such as face masks or hand sanitizers.

Last year, Shopify’s total revenues hit $1.578 billion. Subscription solutions revenue grew 38 percent to $642.2 million, while merchant solutions revenue grew 54 percent to $935.9 million.

Despite the impressive progress, Shopify posted an annual net loss of $124.8 million, or $1.10 per share, compared with $64.6 million, or $0.61 per share, for 2018.

Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved.

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Fashion Trends We’re Wearing During Social-Distancing




Instagram/Katie Buckleitner

Things feel uncertain. Coronavirus is here and it is impacting everyone. We’re all supposed to stay home unless we’re doing something essential, which means, for the most part, we’re comforting ourselves by wearing sweatpants, pajamas, and activewear. To distract from the current reality, though, it can also be nice to just dress up in some fancier stuff or even in some clothes and accessories you’ve had in your closet and always wanted to try but you didn’t for one reason or another.

That’s what yours truly and a few other Cosmo colleagues did over the past week. It felt great. Ten outta ten would recommend!

If you’re interested, here are all the trends we used to divert ourselves:

Glasses Chains

I’ve had these tortoise glasses chains on a hook on my mirror for, like, two months. FYI, I’m now hooked on these and currently looking for more.

Head-to-Toe Neon

Lauren living her brightest life!

All the Hats

This beret!! Also yaaas to that off-the-shoulder styling, Khadija!

Sporty Spice

Mia living the vintage windbreaker dream out there.

Pattern Clashing

And. A. Tea. Kettle. Handbag!!!!!!!

Bike Shorts ’n’ Blazers

Madeleine + this windowsill = the fashion shoot we all need in our lives.

Socks With Heels

Gonna need a whole lot of fun sheer socks after this. Thanks, Sarah.

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Rachel Bloom thanks medical workers as she brings daughter home from NICU



Rachel Bloom announced the birth of her baby girl with a social media post on Wednesday, where she called it the “most emotionally intense week” of her life.

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star took to Instagram to share the news with her followers, while also addressing the whirlwind that she and her husband, Dan Gregor, faced as they welcomed their first child during the coronavirus pandemic. In the post, Bloom shared that their daughter, whose name hasn’t been announced, was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before recently returning home.

“As the lovely doctors and nurses helped my daughter get some fluid out of her lungs, we watched the maternity ward around us change hourly to prepare for the upcoming COVID storm,” she wrote. The whole family is now home safe and I am just so grateful to all of our medical workers.”

Rachel Bloom and Dan Gregor thank medical workers after welcoming a baby girl. (Photo: Getty Images)

The actress and singer also seemingly addressed the hospitalization of her friend and colleague, Adam Schlesinger, who was at the time very ill with the coronavirus. Late on Wednesday afternoon, it was announced that the 52-year-old Schlesinger had died of coronavirus complications.

“Having a baby in the NICU during a pandemic while a dear friend was in the hospital 3,000 miles away made this by far the most emotionally intense week of mine and Gregor’s lives,” Bloom wrote. “From those in our NICUs to those directly helping COVID patients like Adam, they are sacrificing so much to fight on the front lines of this war. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Bloom, who collaborated with the Fountains of Wayne rocker on the music for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, had reflected on her friend’s health as she watched nurses take diligent care of other patients impacted by the pandemic at a hospital thousands of miles away.

Fellow musician Bellsaint commented on the photo, writing, “That is a lot, sending lots of love and peace during this uncertain time for everyone. Congratulations on bringing a new human into the world!”

Bloom wrote that she will now be taking this unique time at home to get to know her new baby girl.

Updated, 6:30 p.m.: (The piece has been updated to reflect Schlesinger’s death.)

For the latest coronavirus news and updates, follow along at According to experts, people over 60 and those who are immunocompromised continue to be the most at risk. If you have questions, please reference the CDC and WHO’s resource guides. 

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